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Are you looking to make your airplane more productive?

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

We at American Business Airways are in need of additional airplanes to increase the depth of our charter operations.  We need an airplane smaller than the Chieftain, such as a Seneca or Baron. These airplanes have the rear passenger door and club seating, making for a more graceful entry and exit from the airplane. The club seating also allows for business meetings in flight.

We are also in need of airplanes larger than the Chieftain, such as a Cheyenne, Conquest or King Air.  We also have pilots experienced with the management of jet aircraft and would be able to use a Citation or Beech Jet.

New aircraft would be leased on an hourly basis (power by the hour) and for the first contracts we charge a management fee that is much lower than our standard,  as an inducement to help us grow faster.

What you get in return would be management oversight of your aircraft operations.  We will manage all the tasks associated with operating and maintaining an airplane such as, maintenance scheduling and repair station selection, pilot currency and training tracking and management, aircraft maintenance tracking.  You will only worry about scheduling your airplane with us, we take care of the rest.  You will get a monthly rental payments,  activity and maintenance reports, and the safety of air carrier procedures and oversight.  If you have an airplane sitting on the ground more than a few days a week, this could be an opportunity to gain some revenue from your airplane to offset the cost of ownership.

Call us if you would like to lease us your airplane, we are very flexible in how we can structure the actual lease.

Why Charter an Airplane, isn’t it expensive?

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

The cost of chartering a private airplane depends on how you calculate the cost.  When you charter an executive aircraft, you are renting the whole airplane and pilot.  In effect, you become the owner of that airplane for the time you are chartering it.  There are several way to look at the cost, one is just to devide the number of passengers by the cost of the charter, ie. For our Navajo Chieftain, a flight from Detroit to Chicago Midway airport with 5 hours of wait time would be about $2600.000 round trip with taxes.  that would be $433 per person based on six people.  The airlines would charge about $300 to $600 per person plus taxes, depending on the travel times.  So it might be a little more expensive, depending on the deal the airline might be running at the time,  but you get to leave on your schedule, go to a show, and return that night.  Most airline flights do not run after a late show, so you would have hotel costs.  You also get much better service, an arrive at a more comfortable private terminal.

The other way to look at the price of aircraft charter is on the value of your time.   For example, a salesman who travels to sales calls can usually make several calls a day as opposed to usually one with an airline flight.  In addition, you might be able to send him out to meet a customer in the morning and have him back in the office after lunch to get some work finished.  You not only made his life easier by shortening his day, he is more productive and you save overnight expenses that you have on the airlines.  Most corporations that charter easily justify the cost by the times savings and customer support you offer the client by being able to rapidly respond to his needs.

Depending on your situation,  Chartering an airplane can actually save your company money and time over the airlines.  For personal travel,  Chartering may not be cheaper than the airlines but is well within the means of a small group to afford.  Imagine leaving for Chicago after work, seeing a play downtown and being back home at night to tuck the kids in!  Maybe not something you would do every week, but what a treat to yourself and family!