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Archive for April, 2011

What has Les Brown been doing?

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Hi everyone,

The winter was pretty slow for aircraft charters in Michigan,  most of my time was spent reconnecting with business partners and getting the word out that we exist.  In speaking with other companies, I have been told that people  did not even know we exist!   So this year I will try to get the word out more and in that spirit am asking you, our customers and blog readers to pass our name onto others that might have a need to charter an airplane.

On the personal flying side of life,  I have signed up to fly for Pilots and Paws.  This is a non profit organization that flies rescued dogs (and some cats) from rescue shelters to foster homes across the country.  Without this service, many more shelter animals would be put down because of the lack of local foster families.  With pilots and paws, rescue organizations can extend their reach all over the country.

My wife and I just flew our first rescue flight to transport a pregnant Rat Terrier from Ohio to West Michigan.  It was a very rewarding feeling and Liz the rattie slept most of the way.  The flight happened not a moment too soon as Liz gave birth to 6 puppies the next day!

if you would like more information, check out the website at:

On the business front, the Chieftain has just come through a 100hour/ annual inspection with very few items needing to be repaired.    It is now all set for the upcoming spring and summer travel season.    We have been keeping close contacts with our industry partners who supply you with other airplanes when the Navajo is not available or is not right for your trip.  We now have access to turbo props and jets from 8 seats to a 9 passenger falcon 50.