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What do the new airline security requirements mean to ABA?

Monday, January 4th, 2010

American Business Airways, and all other air charter companies have an advantage over airlines with security because almost always, every passenger on the flight are known to each other.  In addition, the on demand, non scheduled nature of the flights make it more difficult to plan an attack against the airplane.

Here at American Business Airways (ABA) we take your security seriously.   We can not go into to details as to the actual steps we take, but some of the more obvious are that we get to know you and your employees and customers.  The more you fly with us, the more we get to know each other, and your travel routines.  Any thing out of the ordinary will prompt us to ask you about it, if for no other reason than we want to provide you exemplary customer service.  For instance,  we do not accept packages that do not accompany you to the flight, this way YOU identify the package.  If no one knows of the package or bag, it does not go on the airplane.

The airlines will be required to increase the security at the airport to include full body scans.  Because of the reasons discussed above, the TSA will not requires us to use those more invasive measures.  With ABA, you walk up to the airplane, we introduce ourselves and check your ID, and then board the airplane and take off.  We are in the air before most airline passengers get through security.

Second to our ability to increase the efficiency of your business travel time,  Security is a major reason to use a charter aircraft or other business airplane.  You do not have the hassles at the airport, you know the crew and passengers.  We keep your itinerary and identity protected,  Our employees do not discuss your route or passenger identities or business with anyone not having a  need to know.  The facilities we use and drop you off at have their own security and also keep your information confidential.  If fact, please ensure you have your pilots’ contact number before leaving the airport at your destination, as the airport personnel will usually not give you his contact number.   However, the airport and the ABA operations officer will always be able to contact him and have him call you.

So what do the increased security measures mean to you and ABA?  Hopefully, they give you another reason to try us and see for yourself that we offer a more enjoyable, secure and efficient way to meet your business travel needs.   In fact, our Navajo Chieftain is one of the most economical alternatives in a cabin class business aircraft, it is fast, relatively quite and allows face to face meetings while en-route, just like the larger turbo props and jets, just with a lower price tag.  For a trip of less than 300 miles, it is perfect.

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