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Archive for August, 2009

Reduce your Air Charter Costs to Traverse City and Mackinac Island

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

American Business Airways has a program to reduce your travel costs by pooling your flight with other customers wanting to travel to the same areas.   Assume you are considering a flight to Traverse City with your family of 3.  Although the round trip cost for this with an overnight stay would come to about $2500 with taxes and overnight fees, (about $833 per person) you would like to reduce this cost further.  Call us and we will gather names of other customers also wanting to fly to the same general area  (Northern Lower Michigan) and put together a shared flight.  With 3 more passengers, this can reduce the cost to $416 per person.

We are also planning on operating a scheduled charter to the Traverse City and Mackinac Island airports over the weekends.  This will only operate if we can get enough passengers to sign up.  This is a special and not a regular charter, and the prices will be $300 to Traverse City and $350 to Mackinac Island.  We will need a minimum of 4 passengers.  The flights will leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday afternoon. This then is a variation on the shared ride concept.

So if you are interested in sharing a ride anywhere or in our scheduled charter flights “up north”. call us and get on the list.

Also call us for specialized business charter flights.  Many times we can beat the airlines on total travel and employee costs.

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