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Air Charters

Check for Flight Availability Air charters is the business of renting an entire aircraft as opposed to individual aircraft seats. While the airlines specialize in selling transportation by the seat, air charter companies focus on individual private aircraft and itineraries, urgent or time-sensitive freight, cargo, air ambulance and any other form of ad hoc air transportation.

Air charters is also known as air taxi, executive charter, jet charter and is part of general aviation. In the United States air charter and air taxi operations are governed by Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, unlike the larger scheduled airlines, which are governed by more stringent standards of Part 121 of the FARs, which are regulations designed for scheduled air carriers.

By utilizing American Business Airways air charter services, you will avoid giant commercial airports, security lines, baggage check lines, and delayed flights. Air charters is definately the future in private aviation. That is why we make air charter services our specialty.

Just by calling 248.444.5202 or simply by filling out our air charter quote request form, you could be on your way to discovering the convenience of flying a private air charter. With American Business Airways, you can find the finest service for all your air charter jet needs whether it be a weekend away with family or the most demanding business itinerary. With the ability to fly to over 11,000 US airports American Business Airways provides unsurpassed convenience and comfort. The itinerary is established by you the traveler, and you can change it as your plans change. With a short notice you can change the destination, travel time, date and the number of passengers.

American Business Airways offers a variety of charter services including vacation charters to destinations across the midwest and much of the Eastern U.S.

Why Air Charters?

You save money by saving time consider the following:

  • You fly direct with no layovers.
  • You don't have to contend with lost baggage or wait in long lines.
  • You increase your productivity since groups can perform meetings and other business enroute.
  • We depart as soon as you arrive and can have transportation waiting for you when we land.
  • You can eliminate overnight stays since we can get you there and back in one day.
  • You can bring additional passengers without increased cost (there is a per passenger segment tax)